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[NEWS] 140520 “Do you see the oppas?” … The most sad concert in the world

The use of performances from the enthusiastic idol group has eventually been replaced. This is a sad story about a female student who passed away due to the Sewol tragedy. The soul may have become ‘a thousand winds’ and lingered around the concert hall.


A female student from Danwon High School, Ms.Yoo, liked a 7 membered hip hop group. She who would eagerly take part in fan club activities, was planning to go to the concert that she had wanted to go to so much after a school trip.

[Interview with Ms.Yoo’s father]
“After coming back from the school trip, my daughter had said that there was a concert on her birthday so I had promised to let her go…”

However, Ms.Yoo who left to travel on Sewol for her school trip, returned as a cold lifeless body. The unfortunate news was also delivered to the idol group members.

The member whom Ms.Yoo liked the most came to find the funeral with a personally written letter in hand.

[Interview with Ms.Yoo’s father]
"He sat there for an hour and a half, talking and crying before he left. He said that he had lost a precious fan.. he really cried a lot of tears before he left.”

Then, in the past weekend, the concert which was held back due to the Sewol tragedy was opened.

Ms.Yoo’s parents who were specially invited, embraced a small photo in their arms as they watched the concert of the boys that she liked.

[Interview with Ms.Yoo’s father]
"Still.. It felt like the photo of our daughter had changed into one of her smiling

It usually may have been an excitingly fun dance concert, however that day was one of the most sad concerts in the world.

T/N: If you go on the source and watch the video, you can tell that the group is BLOCK B. Related tweet here.

Source: Channel A/Naver

Translated by: SimpletonJun @ BBINTL

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